A healthy tea for diabetis

I have been taking been taking herbal tea for week now and I do feel better. I am trying to experiment on just drinking bitter melon tea without any metformin. I found out that it needs help from the medicine but it definitely is an improvement from just taking my medication. Two days ago I found out that my blood sugar is just 150, to think that I haven’t been able to take my medication for a week now.

I have tried to make my own bitter tea but the results are not as pleasing as the one that I have bought. The taste is too strong that I cannot drink anymore of the tea. It must have something to do with the fact that that bitter melon tea that I have bought is dried using the sun while the one I am making is dried in my room. I have no choice but to dry it on my room since it is always raining.

I have been eating a lot these past few days and this morning I did test myself and found out that I am 262 but I just remember that I have eaten a biscuit prior to taking the test to myself. I would have to do fasting for 5 hours before I could take a blood sugar test. I have taken my first medication after a week of just taking the tea and I hope that it works my blood sugar. My mother told me that it is still too high even I have eaten something.