Owen Mumford AJ 1300 Autoject 2 Injection Aid

For type 1 diabetes it is just normal to intake some daily injection of insulin but for those that has type 2 diabetes can be controlled by proper eating, medication, and daily exercises but there are times when it can be possibly done.  This is why it is important for diabetics have a carrying case for insulin.

It is indeed a handy tool but I must say that injecting the syringe manually is painful.  This is why I don’t like to have diabetes since I would have to inject some insulin from time to time.  If you are injecting insulin on your own then your hands shouldn’t be moving too much because there is a risk of breaking the needles, I would like to add that injecting it on your own is too slow that you will pain when you are injecting it.  I know that some people are already used to this but for people like me who has a fear on needles.  It is very frightful situation that I wished that it would be over the moment that I point the needle to my body. But there is an easier way to inject those insulin and less painful, some injections are automatic and fast enough that you might not even feel the pain.  My mother calls it as a gun.  This is not like those guns that kill people; it is called a gun since it so fast that the moment that you point the needle on your skin and then press the button then it would be all over.  One such device is the Owen Mumford AJ 1300 Autoject 2 Injection Aid Device Fixed Needle.

Some features are that it injects insulin easily.  I think that the most important feature of this product is that it conceals the needles to the patient so that those people that are scared from needles like me won’t be seeing them.