Diabetic threat for feet

I remember when my brother is still living that he is suffering from wound that never heals on his foot.  We believe that this is because that my brother is suffering from the diabetis like most of us.  The problem is my brother is to stubborn to even go the hospital that he just relied on recommended drugs.  He has taken his health for granted.

He never loose his foot when he is alive and when he died but I think that this will serve as a valuable reminder to diabetic patient that they should be taking care of their feet.  Taking care of the feet means that people who suffer from diabetes should always wear socks, if possible it would be better if they are going to use diabetic socks.  It is a specialize sock that protects the feet from getting wound.  The feet of diebetes are so delicate that it could easily get cut or bruise compared to non-diabetics.

Diabetics should keep their feet always clean.  Wash them daily, especially the toes.  A talcum powder will help the feet not to get wet.  I you have calluses on your feet then don’t cut it yourself because it can be infected.  Instead try to get the service of a specialist to do it for you.  Keep the toenail clean and smooth.  Treat those dry skins with lotion but be careful not to apply it on those toes.  Also keep your blood sugar at a controllable level to stay from any diabetic related problem.