Know when not to take it

If you are a regular reader of this blog then I am expecting that you are already aware of the recent condition of my mom which brought back from the hospital.  Like I said before that it is really hard to take care of a sick person.  Don’t get me wrong that I am complaining about taking care of my mother.  It is just I have to keep awake until 2 – 3 am in the morning so that I could hear my mother if she calls out for help.  No one told me to do this but I am taking it into my account to do the extra effort since I want to repay her for all the times she is taking care of me when I was little.

Yesterday, my mother insisted that I gave her a shot of insulin since the doctor requires her to take it as maintenance but I knew better since I am regularly reading articles about diabetis, plus the fact that I author this blog which focuses on diabetes.  I told her that it would be dangerous to not know her blood sugar before injecting her with insulin.  He told me that we must be thrifty with the test strip since it is expensive.  I took my stand and told her that it would be dangerous to not know about her blood sugar level.  I reminded her about my father and brother who both died from Hypoglycemia.  She tried to convince me that it is not needed but I won in the end, convincing her to take the test first.

Good thing that I stand my guard or else she would end up like my father and brother.  Her reading shows that her blood sugar level is only 109, it means that it is normal and that he is not in danger.  A good number is somewhere in between 90 to 120.  I told her that I would inject 10 cc of insulin but she told me that I shouldn’t inject anymore