Rushed to the hospital

This must be the most terrible week for me since I have been rushed to the hospital just this Tuesday night because I’m feel that my nape is aching.  My mother got worried that I might get a stroke so she convinced me to go to the nearest hospital.  At the hospital, the first thing that I do was finding the number that they have issued me since I have been a patient before on that hospital.

They checked my blood pressure and found out that it was too high.  So they recommended that I stayed there for a while to have them check on my stats.  The nurse told me to buy a medicine, which I bought at the drugstore that is inside the building.  30 minutes had passed and the nurse took my blood pressure.  We notice that it drop to 100/130 from a previous of 100/150 but after 30 minutes it raise back to the former blood pressure.

The doctor suggested that I have to be injected with some kind of injectable drug and it did wonders to my condition.  Pulling my blood pressure to just 90/140.  The doctor said, that he needs to watch over my progression so he insisted that I stayed there for 30 minutes more.  After 30 minutes the doctor said that I could go now and that he will give me some drugs to take.

As I approached the doctor he said that my body is just over fatigue.  I need to rest a lot since I have been pushing myself too hard.  He recommended some vitamin b complex and cecolexib to east the pain.  Since I got ton of cecolexib fro the last treatment I decided that I would not buy it and just buy the vitamin b complex.

I am still weak when I arrive at my home so I tried to rest but when I wake up in the morning I could still feel the pain on my back and on my nape.  Afternoon comes and my condition has improve but I am still feeling some pain on the right side of my neck and shoulders.  I thought that getting enough rest would make it go away but it didn’t.

So the next day, I told myself that I wouldn’t stress myself of working too hard.  I have to spend the whole day in bed. As of right now that I am writing this article, I could still feel the pain my right side neck but luckily that the pain on my shoulder have somehow subsided.