New Insulin to be inhaled

Inhaled insulin is not new in the market since one type of insulin already introduces it (Exubera) but was pulled out in the market since it has some side effects.  Now a new form of inhaled insulin is ready to hit the market once again.

The name of the new insulin is Afrezza, which is waiting for the approval of the Foods and Drugs Administration.  This one works faster than the previous inhaled insulin and also keeps blood sugar level at a controllable level and also carries a low risk of having hypoglycemia.

It is different with Exubera since Afrezza doesn’t develop any kind of lung problems fo the user.  By using the technology called Technosphere, the new insulin inhale is taken as a powder which ten dissolves when it is in the lungs, then passes to the bloodstream and starts to work on about 12 t 15 minutes.