The Truth about Diabetes and Fatty Foods

A person who likes eating meat has a higher tendency of developing fat than those who aren’t inclined to eating meats.  As the fat in our body increase then our insulin resistance level also increases.  If fat will be the cause of diabetis in the future then should we avoid all kinds of fats?  NO.

Not all fats will raise our chances of developing diabetes.  A good kind of fat is the one that is coming from fish, also known as polyunsaturated fats.  Omega-3 is the term which most fish commercial are describing their product; it is one of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, which could help in lowering our cholesterol.  As it lowers cholesterol in our body, it lessens the danger of having diabetes since people who are obese are in danger of developing diabetes.

If you haven’t noticed that most commercials are filled with warning about eating too much fat.  The reason is that too much fat in our body will be the cause of a lot of diseases, which we may have to battle as we are aging.  This is also the reason why gym instructing are telling you that you should avoid fat.