Weight Gains during pregnancy has greater risk of having diabetes

A new research about diabetes and early pregnancy has been link together.  Reports are saying that there is a 50% chance of having gestational diabetes during the first trimester that a woman is pregnant.

It is a three-years old study where they followed 1,145 northern California women while they are still pregnant.  The Institute of Medicines has guidelines that must only gain between 1.1 pounds to 4.4 pounds during the trimester period, in spite of whatever the woman’s beginning weight is.  Those women that ahs normal weight should only gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancy period while those obese should only gain 11 to 20 pounds or else they are getting a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. It is said that those women who gained the most during their pregnancy has a higher chances of having gestational diabetes than those who gain less pounds.