Weight Gains during pregnancy has greater risk of having diabetes

A new research about diabetes and early pregnancy has been link together.  Reports are saying that there is a 50% chance of having gestational diabetes during the first trimester that a woman is pregnant. It is a three-years old study where they followed […]

The Truth about Diabetes and Fatty Foods

A person who likes eating meat has a higher tendency of developing fat than those who aren’t inclined to eating meats.  As the fat in our body increase then our insulin resistance level also increases.  If fat will be the […]

Can we do blood sugar testing after meals?

I got into an argument lately with my sister concerning on taking the blood sugar test.  She claims that blood sugar test can be done before and after launch.  I told her what I think about that, most doctor and […]

A healthy tea for diabetis

I have been taking been taking herbal tea for week now and I do feel better. I am trying to experiment on just drinking bitter melon tea without any metformin. I found out that it needs help from the medicine but it […]