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Rushed to the hospital

This must be the most terrible week for me since I have been rushed to the hospital just this Tuesday night because I’m feel that my nape is aching.  My mother got worried that I might get a stroke so […]

Can we do blood sugar testing after meals?

I got into an argument lately with my sister concerning on taking the blood sugar test.  She claims that blood sugar test can be done before and after launch.  I told her what I think about that, most doctor and […]

Know when not to take it

If you are a regular reader of this blog then I am expecting that you are already aware of the recent condition of my mom which brought back from the hospital.  Like I said before that it is really hard […]

Diabetic threat for feet

I remember when my brother is still living that he is suffering from wound that never heals on his foot.  We believe that this is because that my brother is suffering from the diabetis like most of us.  The problem is my […]

Owen Mumford AJ 1300 Autoject 2 Injection Aid

For type 1 diabetes it is just normal to intake some daily injection of insulin but for those that has type 2 diabetes can be controlled by proper eating, medication, and daily exercises but there are times when it can be possibly done.  This […]

Apothecary Diabetic ID Bracelet

Some people believes that once you got sick then there is no time to beautify yourself since most of the drugs that are you using will put a hole on your pocket.  I believe that even people suffering from a […]

Diabetes Reversal Report Review

Posted by Paolo Ubiadas in EBooks on September 2, 2009 | 17 responses This is a Sticky Post! I believe that knowledge is power; this also applies when fighting diabetes. If you don’t know how to fight diabetes then the chances of you dying […]

Medicool Diabetic Carrying Case

I believe that diabetic should always carry a kit for quick remedy kit of high blood sugar. If not treated immediately then they would go weak. This is the reason why those diabetic who are very active on there outside activities are […]

A healthy tea for diabetis

I have been taking been taking herbal tea for week now and I do feel better. I am trying to experiment on just drinking bitter melon tea without any metformin. I found out that it needs help from the medicine but it […]